Rose Park Primary School Visit


I woz ere…ere I woz.

Last week I was hosted by Rose Park Primary School for three days.

I didn’t see this cow in any of the lessons. I think her job was to look beautiful and eat!

Daisy? Is that you?
Daisy? Is that you?

I worked with the Junior Primary classes over the three days and they were all very interested as I showed them some relics from the Tea and Sugar days.

One class even came with pre-prepared questions and statements, which was a great idea.

I had a beautiful space to work in, which is under the management of Librarian Krystal Lawrie.


The school runs an I B programme so there is lots of very interesting inquiry based learning happening.

Two of the gorgeous Yr 3 students from Penny Sinclair's class
Two of the gorgeous Yr 3 students from Penny Sinclair’s class

I love these rules of conduct from probably 100 years ago. Relevant still today me thinks!


I LOVE Number 7!

Never be rude to anyone, old or young, rich or poor.


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