So Now We Are in Singapore

Spent our first night in Singapore last night. We are right in the middle of Little India and so of course we ate Indian at Rusa Mama’s Curry. It was quick and cheap and authentic.

This morning we went to Tekka Centre for pratas¬† for breakfast. Sally’s favourite breakfast place and the banana pratas are pretty yummy!

Caught the train to Gardens by the Bay and spent most of the day there. Words can’t really do it justice. The giant futuristic trees covered in greenery are amazing, and we walked along the treetop walk to be amongst it.

Went to the Cloud Forest of course and that that was a brilliant experience. Spent a long time there taking it all in and being misted.The it was across to the Flower Dome which was also incredible.

Got back to Little India just as the heavens opened and experienced a wonderful tropical downpour.

Made our way under eaves dripping with water and through flooding gutters to the Mustafa Centre…a huge shopping centre that I am sure you could get lost in and not be found for days. It is three storeys high and runs across a few blocks. We went in one door and came out another and had no idea where we were.

The supermarket section is mind blowing. If you needed some ingredients to cook Asian/Indian style food and you couldn’t find it there, it probably doesn’t exist.

View from our window


Giant futuristic trees


Looks like Papa Sky!


A sculpture of travellers leaving Singapore after visiting Gardens by the Bay


Gorgeous shop fronts in Little India

2 thoughts on “So Now We Are in Singapore

  1. Hi Jane, Ian and Mia!
    Wow what a trip so far!
    I love the pics and especially the food experiences!
    Do you have any cloud forest pictures?
    How wonderful.

  2. Yes, has certainly been amazing. Have put up a Cloud Forest post for you. Just a taste of what it was like.

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