So This Is What We Are Here For

Today was the day! Sally and I did our workshops, held upstairs in the studio at KAMA.

Didn’t have a huge turn up. In fact a very small turn up but they were all keen.

I had four adults to begin with and joined a while later by four students from the Liger Leadership Academy in Phnom Penh. There had been a mix up in times and they had been double booked.

After writing a story which was either legend, myth of fairy tale, everyone was able to make a print in Sally’s workshop. They all turned out beautifully.

All hard at work


Soliday, Sopor, Scything and Venghour

These students all wrote “How the..” legends e.g. “How the Crane got his black mark around his neck”,  “How the dugong came to be” etc



Ta Da! A dugong print!

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