The Color Run

On Sunday I am joining the Strath Fit Team in the Color Run in Adelaide. This a fundraising run or walk which raises money for the Make A Wish Foundation here in S.A. It is held at the Victoria Park Race Course and starts at 8:30am on Sunday morning for a 5km lap. At each 1km mark participants are bombed with different colour powders, so that by the end of the course you look something like a rainbow. Very similar to what happens in India during Holi.

We have 23 in our team and some of us will be running and others walking. I am opting for the walk. Even though I have joined the Boot Camp group in the mornings, I am not up for a 5km run yet!

I’ll be taking a small pocket camera with me to take some action shots, so keep a watch on this post.

The organisers are expecting thousands to turn up. We have all been equipped with a white t-shirt, bandana, tattoo, wrist band, official number and even a poncho to wear on the way home in the car so we don’t get dye on the seats. How thoughtful!!

Speaking of Boot Camp, I have surprised myself with how well I have been able to keep up. Even though sometimes I do stop at 15 when others do 20! I never thought I would be a Boot Camper but there you go, you just never never know do you? As well as keeping up as best I can I am also enjoying the experience. It beats going to the gym…boring… or even going for a walk by yourself. Boot Camp is a social outing at 6:00am with a bit of fitness thrown in.

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