Even though we are not Titanicophiles we did take a walk across to the Titanic Quarter in Belfast, which was really interesting and very well done.

Didn’t pay to do the Museum Tour but did feel a bit perplexed at the merchandise in the Shop. Had to stop and remember over 1000 people drowned when the Titanic went down. Why would you buy a baby’s dress with Titanic on it?

Looked hard for the names of the victims. Finally found them in white print on glass (Really hard to read) at the Slipway (or what is left of it). Maybe the names are also in the museum, which we didn’t go to. I hope.

A massive structure for the Museum
The names of the victims…very hard to read
Really not sure of the relevance of this…have I missed something?
Because I didn’t pay much attention to the information on this I think it may have been the Titanic’s tender. Yes Ian has just confirmed…it was the tender.
And this is not a boat…it is the gate to the dry dock

And this is nothing at all to do with the Titanic. A couple of birds on a nest on a chimney on our walk back through Belfast.

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