Northern Northern Ireland

We drove on the Coastal Causeway Route and then briefly on the Wild Atlantic Way to view stunning scenery. Didn’t complete the Wild Atlantic Way because we kept stopping to enjoy the views!

One of the first stops was the Rope Bridge at Carrick-a-Rede. And no we did not go across. We did walk around the corner a bit to see the fisherman’s house hanging precariously from the cliff, with the boat ready to drop into the sea. Actually not used any more but it was good to try and imagine what it must have been like. Not for me thank you.

You can just see the house with the white chimney
Easy done…just drop the boat and jump in.

By pure chance we stopped at a bay where one of the episodes of Game of Thrones had been filmed. Haven’t watched it myself, so know nothing about it but we heard some loud battle noises coming from somewhere and when we investigated we saw a group from a Game of Thrones tour, running some pretend battles on the beach. Everyone was in costume and it was being filmed.

There be thrones!

There be the bay.
There be the battle!
Think this may have belonged to travellers. It was tethered outside a van park.

We stayed at Moville and at the harbour saw some fishing boats and the local rowing club. This is one club I don’t think I will ever join.

Look carefully at the photos and the size of the seas they are rowing through.
Malin Head is the most northerly spot in Northern Ireland and the scenery is spectacular.
The most northerly coffee shop in Northern Ireland, complete with the most northerly tea bag tin!

At Malin Head there is also a little souvenir van and the day we were there it was being manned by local Celtic artist John Quigley. His work is magnificent! Look him up on the internet. He has a huge body of work. Had a lovely chat with him about his work and he very kindly gave me one of his prints, which I will frame when home.

John Quigley in the souvenir van

Took some narrow one-car-wide back roads on our exploration of the area. Well, actually we were lost, but saw some very quaint little scenes and lots of farm animals and farmers driving tractors down the roads.

Well hello there.

From Dublin we flew to Copenhagen, which is where we are now, relaxing in the summerhouse ( at Dronningmolle) of our good friends Richard and Birgitte Page. Watching robins in the garden and eating smoked fish. Someone has to do it.

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