Denmark is Just So Danish!

Well that is stating the obvious isn’t it. But when I imagine Denmark…what I saw and experienced was just how I imagined it.

The food…lots of fish and rye bread. Tick.

Smoked mackerel with a wee glass of schnapps

Harbours with fishing boats. Tick.

The harbour at Gillelege

Colourful houses. Tick.

Apartments along the canal in Copenhagen

Bikes. Bikes. Bikes. Tick.

The bikes are big!

Hans Christian Anderson. Tick.

The man himself

Tivoli Gardens. Tick.

The gates to Tivoli Gardens

I didn’t imagine Dark and Stormy! But then I had never had a Dark and Stormy before, until Richard and Birgitte introduced us to them. The most deliciously dangerous drink. Take some dark rum, fresh mint, lime juice and ice. Shake in a tumbler. Add ginger beer. Try to drink slowly but I bet you won’t be able to. It is divine!

Had a chance to share some of my books with the students at the International School that Richard Page teaches at.

And we saw a troll!

Isn’t he a beauty

Thanks Richard, Birgitte, Thomas and Molly for a wonderful visit to your homeland!

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