Belfast…Moving Forward

One of the reasons we particularly came to Belfast was because one of the guys in a band Ian plays in is from Belfast. He has lived in Adelaide now for over 30 years but goes home every year. We had heard lots of stories of his life as a kid and teenager in Belfast and we were really interested to visit.

He recommended we do a black taxi tour of the murals, so that was first on our list. Thank goodness the ‘troubles’ are over, but of course they will never be forgotten and the murals are such a powerful reminder.

I imagine this mural of Bobby Sands is possibly the most famous
The story behind this mural is horrific…also something which should never be forgotten
This was when chemicals were used to subdue the prisoners

We drove around to the Peace Wall, on which murals are continually being added.

The Peace Wall

The Garden Of Remembrance is on Falls Road and remembers all those killed during the troubles, especially innocent civilians. Very moving to read all of the names. So many.

We walked down Falls Road today into the city centre
I can’t imagine living through such times
Food for thought

Saw some well known landmarks once we reached the city centre. Some famous bars and buildings.

Magnificent frontage of The Crown
The Europa, supposedly the most bombed hotel in Belfast
Robinsons. We think Bobby may have had a beer or two in here in his time!

Spent the morning at the George Street markets, looking around, eating and listening to some fabulous live music. The audience were right into it, joining in with choruses and adding some of their own, which they all knew but we had never heard of!

A great morning spent here
Gastro Grill? Really?? That’s an unfortunate description methinks.

After this we walked to the Titanic Quarter, but that will be another blog, another day. Now we are off to the local bar for some food and music. Irish I am guessing!

2 thoughts on “Belfast…Moving Forward

  1. I’d like to get there one day. Great pics, Jane. Can you post some of any cosy pubs you find? I’m curious as to whether Irish pubs are cosy with booth seats.

  2. Sadly that night…first pub; no food, no music…second pub; no food , no music. Last night great pub…food, no music, but it did have cosy booths!

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