Beatlepool…no sorry…Liverpool

Well we decided to spend two nights in Liverpool so we could do the “Beatle” thing! And we sure did. At the end of the day we were all ‘Beatled’ out. But it was a fabulous experience and good fun as we tracked down the Beatles imprint.

First stop was the bronze Beatles statue down at the wharf. Amazingly life-like and we were told by a Beatles fan to look for the acorns in John’s hand and sure enough we saw two small acorns. Apparently he used to send acorns to people around the world as a symbol of peace.

Then we were told to notice Paul’s camera which he used for filming Linda. Apparently under Ringo’s shoe was a secret clue to something??? but that was a bit harder to find.

Had to wait a long time to get this photo without anyone else in it.
A bit hard to see I know but if you look closely you can see two acorns. You had to be there!
‘I wanna hold your hand’

Then it was on to ‘The Beatles Story’, which is a huge interactive display of the story of the Fab 4. Truly amazing. So much to see, read and take in. Well worth a visit. Took over two hours and we could have stayed longer.

This is the real birthplace of The Beatles..The Casbah!

Then it was up to the John Lennon Peace Memorial which is a stunning sculpture.

Off to Mathew Street after that to see the recreated Cavern Club and other Beatles’ paraphernalia. This was good fun. The Club has been done really well and there is always a musician playing so you can almost feel as though you have stepped back in time.

Just hanging’ around
Just imagine it was The Beatles
Graffiti all over the wall
Love the little John cherub
Guess who?
Having a chat with Eleanor Rigby

So if that wasn’t enough we then went to the British Music Experience in the magnificent old Cunard Building on the waterfront. This also was a fantastic experience, with the history of British pop and rock from the 1950’s to 2000’s, all under one roof.

God bless Freddie! How good was his music!
Mia and Mick!

On the way back saw these two eye-catching posters.

Ha Ha
Very apt

2 thoughts on “Beatlepool…no sorry…Liverpool

  1. Wow Jane, Mia and Ian! What a wonderful experience and adventure you are all on! Greg would love to be “creched” for the day! I’d love to check out the British Music Experience and sit and chat to Eleanor.. one of my fav Beatles songs…and hold John’s hand..and..

  2. Yes it was definitely an amazing experience the whole Liverpool thing. So glad we went there!

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