John O’Groats

So this place was a pleasant surprise. I was expecting it to be run over with tourists and high rise. Thankfully not.

We did go on a few wild goose chases. Were told there were orcas swimming past at Duncansby Head so walked out there for a look. They had swum!

Were told there were puffins at Dunnarts Head so drove out there. They had puffed!

Were told there were otters to be seen at the bridge at Thurso, so got up early to look for them. Not one to be seen.

But this what we did see in the area…

Didn’t have a sticker to add to the pole unfortunately

Actually these coloured apartments are new so maybe this is the thin edge of the wedge.

In memory of a beautiful small sand beach, lifted from here and strewn on the fields.
Anyone game for an abseil down the cliff? You would want to be trustful that no-one was going to toss that end of the rope off the pole.
So this is the end of mainland UK. Not a bad view.
Met the fisherman who was about load up his lobster pots with these and head out and drop them into the water in the hope of a feed.
It’s a long way to the shop if you want a sausage roll!

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