Scottish Wildlife

Have been trying to spot wildlife as we travel through the Highlands. Especially hoping to spot a huge stag! However that was not to be, but we did spot the following…

Black Highland beast!
Gorgeous pheasant running across the field
Shaggy and wet but kind of cute
The black sheep of the family?
The pink sheep of the family?
There he is at long last. He had come down from the hills to eat the juicy grass.
Yep, that is a little black-eared lamb in a good paddock!
My money is on that being a bull.
Two seals sun baking in the river estuary at Thurso.
And one last beauty on the road to Applecross. He was all on his own and not too worried about me taking his photo. Or she.

2 thoughts on “Scottish Wildlife

  1. What excellent shots Jane! You have an eye for capturing animals! What camera do you have? I know its not your phone! HA HA!
    Or maybe Ian is the photographer?

  2. Yes I have a Lumix with a great telescopic lens. And you are right…it is not my phone! Ha! Ha! And it is me taking the photos which is why you don’t see me in many!

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