Varanasi and Mother Ganga

Had an amazing day today in Varanasi. How we got here is another story. Ask me about it some time!!

Anyway, this morning we went to Dasaswamedh Ghat. We had a walk along the river side and then ate lunch at a roof top restaurant where we had fantastic views both ways down the Ganges. It was a perfect day  weatherwise, not a breath of wind and about 25 degrees.

We watched young boys flying will-o-the-wisp kites, monkeys stealing chapattis, holy  men doing puja, goats running up the steps and young boys sliding down the steps.

We had a one hour boat ride down to the “burning ghats” where people are cremated. Ian and I both had a shot at rowing the boat, so we can now say we have rowed down the Ganges!!

We then walked up through the narrow laneways to the famous “Brown Bread Bakery” and had a hot drink before heading back to Dasaswamedh Ghat to watch the evening ganga aarti. This was incredible to see. Very different to the one we saw at Rishikesh but equally as enthralling. Lots of bell ringing and incense burning. A spectacular sight.

Tomorrow we catch the train to Lucknow.

Typical scene at the ghats.
Holy man.
On Mother Ganga.
Colourful laneway behind the ghats.
Entrance to Hindu shrine

2 thoughts on “Varanasi and Mother Ganga

  1. Merry Christmas Jane, Ian and Mia, glad you had a terrific day. We had a lovely day at home with people coming and going all day – just a free hour for a nanna nap in the arvo, perfect!! Looking forward to seeing you all soon, can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. jx

  2. 9 more sleeps in India. Meeting Anamika in Delhi on Jan 4th then fly out on 7th for KL. Back in Oz on 12th! See you then!!

    On Thu 29/12/11 9:54 PM , “”

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