Merry Christmas, Monkeys and Maharajas.

We had a great Xmas Day. Had decorated the room and Father Christmas came! Had breakfast out in the gazebo and later Mia spent time watching her new Top Gear DVDs. Also had some Lindt dark chocolate for breakfast.

Ordered some chicken for lunch and spent a few hours watching the family of langur monkeys as they moved around the property eating the flowers of the bouganvillea.

Looked through the Maharaja’s Museum and saw some stuffed tigers and dead deer heads mounted on walls!!! As opposed to live ones.

That night Mia slept for 16 hours.

Christmas shrine.
Breakfast..toast and jam and a cuppa.
Relaxing at the Maharaja's Royal Retreat.
Aw shucks!

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, Monkeys and Maharajas.

  1. Cold enough for socks and sandals?????? What’s going on there? It’s never cold enough for socks and sandals.

  2. Who would believe it hey? Yep, it’s cold!Now we want it to warm up a bit! On Sun 01/01/12 9:56 PM , “”

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