Christmas Shopping in Cochi.

We had some time in Cochi before catching a flight to Delhi, so we went to the local markets where it was a frenzy of Christmas Shopping. Hawkers were selling every kind of Christmas decoration possible and there were shops full of stars, tinsel, trees and decorations.

Lots of spice shops trading star anise, cloves, cinnamon, coriander, vanilla pods, pepper, nutmeg, etc etc so it even smelt like Christmas as we walked along.

Santa's sack!
Nativity scene? Take your pick.
Does this look weird to you?

4 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping in Cochi.

  1. Hi Jane and Ian and Mia, have a wonderful Indian Christmas and safe traveling for the rest of your trip. Have loved reading of your adventures and the smiles when riding the elephant say it all. Look forward to catching up with you get back, love sue

  2. Hi Sue,


    Great to hear from you again. We are at the tiger National Park in Madya Pradesh and have decorated our room with Chrissy decorations. Will be doing an early morning safari on 26 looking for the elusive tiger!!

    Hope to then be able to put up a photo on the blog!! Fingers crossed.


    Love, Jane, Ian and Mia

    On Sat 24/12/11 9:45 PM , “”

  3. Hi there Jane Ian and Mia .. hope you have a fantastic Christmas in Delhi. We will tooast you when we are devouring our prawns and crayfish and pudding.. luv from Jo, Frank, Nicole, Lisa, Luke, Lyal, Pat. Monty says a special “woof” to Mia.
    Hope you have a fabulous day, we are also breaking lots of traditions this year, including waiting til Lisa and Luke arrive tonight to open pressies!!! Looking forward to seeing you back in Aus. xox

  4. Merry Christmas to all of the Dal Piva’s, Voces and Drapers!!! We are in madya pradesh at a national Park and will be going on a tiger safari tomorrow. have skyped and phoned all of our families fro Christmas and have had pressies and will be ordering our Xmas lunch soon. Enjoy those prawns and opening your pressies. “Woof,woof” back to Monty from Mia! Love to all, Jane, Ian and Mia On Sun 25/12/11 4:07 PM , “”

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