Varkala Beach. Are we really in India?

We had three nights here at Varkala Beach and it was as though we were somewhere else on the planet. The cliff top was lined with hotels, guest houses etc., and cafes and restaurants, and shop upon shop upon shop, and yet it didn’t seem too crowded or overwhelming.

Our hotel had a view over the Arabian Sea, which we swam in twice. The beach was clean and the water was clean. A very enjoyable experience.

And if you like seafood, this is the place to be. Every night the cafes display the day’s catch on ice out the  front and you choose which fish you would like cooked up and in which style. One night Ian had Barracoutta  Tandoori. Big fleshy bits of fish, skewered and cooked to perfection in the Tandoor oven.

Mia and I were hoeing into the yummy ice coffees with ice-cream!

The shops were full of products from all over India. If you couldn’t get it here, then it hasn’t been made!

Morning breakfast was spent sitting in the cliff-top cafe watching the fishermen set their nets and haul them in.

Breakfast view.
"I like to watch" Peter Sellers again!
The beach.

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