Idle Days in Kumarakon

After Munnar we spent two days by the lake at Kumarakon. Didn’t do much except go for walks around the local village and read and sleep. Preparing for the onslaught of Delhi in a few days time!

Kerala, until recently , had the only democratically elected Communist Party in the world. There are CPI posters all over the place and the red flags are flying as the next lot of voting approaches.

In the evenings we went for walks through the local village and saw life going on…washing on the steps, bike riding to corner shop, incense lighting at shrine, Christmas lights going up and churches sprucing themselves up ready for Xmas. All very tranquil and peaceful.

Local boatmen just doing what boatmen do.
Whitto! Wouldn't you love to get your hands on one of these posters!
Spot the twins.

6 thoughts on “Idle Days in Kumarakon

  1. Hi Jane – loving the journey – have just heard that another friend is heading over there today – so much armchair travel! and last weekend we went to an Indian friend’s wedding here. Where are you for Christmas? I can’t remember when you get back either. One thing I remember from when I was in India last was sitting on a bus travelling through Gujurat – looking out across the desert and relishing the feeling of time, the feeling of freedom that came with it, and realising just how precious it is. Enjoy every moment. Love to you all, Sally x

  2. Hi Sally, Right now we are in Delhi before catching an early morning flight tomorrow to Jabalpur and then by taxi to Barvanghar National Park where we will be on Xmas Day. After that by train to Varanasi, Lucknow, Agra and back to Delhi. Than 4 nights in KL before arriving Adelaide Jan 12. We are actually starting to think of home now and are past the stage of haggling with taxi drivers etc etc etc. See you soon, love Jane et al

    On Fri 23/12/11 10:04 AM , “”

  3. Fantastic! What a great place for Christmas. When you’re in Lucknow you must go the the labyrinth – I’ll try and look it up and see what the place is actually called – it’s a big hall/building, with amazing acoustics, and a four (I think) level maze above the main hall. I only had a day in Lucknow and that sticks in my mind as being amazing. The British Residency is worth a visit too of course. If you’re feeling up to it, we’re having our CNY party early this year, on the 14th Jan. (it’s early anyway, on the 23rd/24th, but we’re away then) See you soon anyway, love Sally

  4. Hey Sally, I read about that in The Lonely Planet, so good that you can recommend it. Also The Residency sounds worth a visit so I am looking forward to Lucknow. Check out my Christmas in Cochi blog for some great photos.CNY party sounds good. Love, Jane On Fri 23/12/11 2:54 PM , “”

  5. Hi Jane, Ian and Mia!
    Wishing you all a very Merry Xmas this Boxing Day!
    Yes I know, just a day late but it is the spirit of the season!
    Our Internet is working today!
    Have a wonderful New Year where ever you are! I am sure it will be most memorable!
    Best Wishes
    Kim and Greg!

  6. Hi Kim and Greg, Thanks guys! We had a great day. Are now in Varanasi and tomorrow catch train to Lucknow.Mia slept for 16 hours on Christmas Day night so she really needed some down time. We are all still well and are meeting Anamika in Delhi on Jan 4th!! Love, Jane Ian and Mia

    On Mon 26/12/11 9:28 PM , “”

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