Mystical Mountains of Munnar

We have had two nights in Munnar, up in the mountains of Kerala, where it was cool, and misty in the mornings and evenings. We loved it up there and would like to return some day.

The slopes were covered in tea plantations, which were so even after being picked that they looked like moss. We watched a traditional dance drama programme of Kathakali one night which was very amusing.

The township of Munnar, built on the hillsides, was  a hive of activity with people from nearby Tamil Nadu coming to the town for work and trade. We discovered a fantastic food market which reminded us of Adelaide Central Market. The food was so fresh and there was plenty of it.

Being a mostly Christian state we discovered many shops selling Christmas decorations and so stocked up on some for Christmas Day.

People are also very friendly here and have a good sense of humour.

Mia and me with a Kathakali character.
Weighing the tea.
Rolling tea slopes.
Decorated Hindu pilgrim's jeep.
Goan stars for Xmas decorations.

3 thoughts on “Mystical Mountains of Munnar

  1. Well Jane you certainly are having a marvellous adventure, bad luck Ian had the belly ache, but hope you all have a healthy remaining few weeks in India. Dropped into see Deb and Ian yesterday, unfortunately missed seeing Em and Ethan, they had returned home. I am on holidays thank goodness for next five weeks, Frank will get 3 weeks off too, not going anywhere, neither of us will get paid in holidays! Sorry to hear about the death of your friend, how sad.
    Hope you all have a great Christmas, it will certainly be one you will always remember. Look forward to seeing you back in Aussieland. Love from us all

  2. Hi Jane, message from bella first – hey ms jolly!!! Guess what? i may have broken my arm!! YAY! i was playing basketball and i was dribbling down the court and i got around 1 player but then another came up behind me and took my feet from underneath me. i fell on my arm and my knee (i have a amazing bruise on it now!!!). i have to go get an X-ray 2morrow and then i’ll know if i have to get a cast. hopefully not! apart from that im pretty good. finished school, on holidays and of ready for christmas! i’ll see you soon! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Bella <3
    Well, that was the first day of the holidays, what will come next, she was so disappointed and sore, it was a great stack. It was so great to hear your voice Friday, have missed you so much at this time of the year, all the celebrations are done, i think we pulled it off. I told Al that if he wanted to retire on Friday that he was going to get nothing – it was great but i was glad it was all done. Friday night, the annual street party, all those people you haven't seen since last year, perfect night and loved having Bella curled up on my lap watching the fireworks – probably the last year that will happen!!! We missed Mia at the dance concert – Maddie's group was a very small group of 5, but glad she will be back soon to swell the numbers. Your adventures are amazing, I think you'll keep us in photos for all of 1st term drinks! love to all jo and co 🙂

  3. Hi Bella and Jo and all the other Garwoods, Well what a start to your holidays. I hope it is not broken so the you can still go swimming etc etc during the holidays. basketball is a ROUGH sport Bella!! Will have to catch up with you on how Graduation went when we get back. Oh, I had forgotten all about the Strath Xmas Street party. I bet it was a great night.We are at a beautiful beach here in Kerala and soon catch a plane up to Delhi and then to tiger park fro Xmas Day. Hope to catch Anamika in Delhi for one day. See you soon, love, Jane

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