WANTED! One prosthetic leg!

Well that’s a strange request.

But I really want to get my hands on a used prosthetic leg so that when I visit schools for talks on One Step at a Time, I can show the students a real prosthetic leg, like one Luk would have used.

I have looked on the internet and even had my eye on one on E-Bay but the price went sky high very quickly and then there were postage costs on top as most come from America.

So…if anyone out there in cyber space knows where I could get hold of a used prosthetic leg ( willing to pay but not too expensive) please let me know.

I bet there’s a shed or cupboard somewhere just full of them!!!

2 thoughts on “WANTED! One prosthetic leg!

  1. Hi Jane. I have a prosthetic leg (not mine) that I would be willing to sell. It’s a 1947 model. Call me on 0409248242 if you are interested. I am located in Adelaide. Regards Scott.

  2. Thanks Scott. I am chasing up (Ha! Ha!) another offer at the moment but I will contact you if I still need it. Thanks for letting me know.

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