What A Hoot!


We caught the Jazz Train on Monday which was part of t the Hoot Jazz Festival in Mt Barker. A jazz trio called, Ready Set Jazz, played as the train trundled its way out to Bugle Ranges and back. What a great excursion. Everyone in the train was singing and clapping along as the band moved from carriage to carriage.


We then walked down the main street of Mt Barker where we saw an amazing mirrored piano at the By Jingo Bar. It was made by the talented and funky Dean McPherson and must have taken hundreds of hours to complete. Liberace would love it!


Not sure what people expected to see if they followed this sign!!


I envy those people who can play a musical instrument. Everyone in my family seems to be musical except me. Apparently you have practise a lot. That may have something to do with why I can’t play music. I do have memories of playing the fife at school. My brothers played the kettle drum and the bass drum as we used to march in to our classrooms after morning assembly. Bring back the drum and fife band I say!!! Let’s all march into school every morning. After we have sworn allegiance to the Queen and flag! What about a poem every day too? An old classic or two. Just to get us all off to a good start.

One thought on “What A Hoot!

  1. Thanks for dropping into our bar during the 2013 Hoot Jazz Festival.

    Hope to see you at more of our events over the year

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