Back in Oz

We have arrived back in Australia to rain, rain and more rain, which I will never complain about.

Veggie garden has grown as have the vines.

Toffee, our little dog, was very happy to see us, jumping up and down and yelping her little heart out. She is shadowing me wherever I go.

Now to get work on polishing some manuscripts to send out, with fingers tightly crossed.

Also need to write up a report on the trip for Arts SA, who awarded Sally and me a grant.

I do miss the smell of Asia…incense, frangipani, curry and the moist air.

I don’t miss having to sterilise water every time you need a drink. Hate the idea of buying water in bottles all of the time. There is far too much plastic in the world as it is.

Look! It’s the bamboo rat from Papa Sky, in the Singapore Zoo.


Farewell Move-in-Martin!


I’d like to see these in Australian parks and gardens. It’s a pebble walk. You take off your shoes and walk barefoot over the pebbles and it gives your foot a fantastic massage. All for free.


And goodbye Give-way-Glenda

One thought on “Back in Oz

  1. I loved reading about your journey and in particular the people you met and the quirky sights, sounds and smells.
    I was almost there!
    Welcome home!

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