So This is Melbourne

Have just got back from a weekend in Melbourne where we cheered on the Special Olympic Starz Cheerleading team at the Australian All Stars Cheerleading Federation Nationals.

Mia is a member of the SA S O Cheerleading poms team and they brought home the gold!

But in the time we had between events we got out a bit.

I love Melbourne. Because my auntie and uncle used to live there I have visited hundreds of times over the years.

Coach Lauren, Rachael, Mia, Laura, Ashlea and Ass. coach Debbie


Love this view of the changing skyline taken from Southbank on the Yarra…the old and the new


And the colours on this photo!


Melbourne Town Hall all wrapped up for Christmas


Laneway graffiti


Arcade Christmas lights


And St Kilda… of course


Oh joy!



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