Book Launch of Mike Dumbleton’s Digger

This afternoon I went to the Unley Town Hall to attend the book launch of Mike Dumbleton’s new children’s picture book Digger. It has been beautifully illustrated by Robin Cowcher from Victoria and published by Allen and Unwin.

Digger is a tribute to all of the French school children of Villers-Breteonneux who have been tending the graves of the Australian soldiers who were killed there in 1918.

Mike and his wife Linda have done many trips to the WW1 battlefields of France and this gentle story is a result of many hours of research.

The illustrations are done in watercolour and are soft and evocative.

Another beautiful Australian book to add to a children’s library on WW1.


Mike and Robin talking about their collaboration


The photo of French children tending the graves of the Australian soldiers, which inspired the story

2 thoughts on “Book Launch of Mike Dumbleton’s Digger

  1. I can’t wait to read Mikes’ book. It looks wonderful and Robin is such a talented illustrator.

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