Beautiful Boys in Blue Blazers

On Monday and Wednesday this week I visited St Peter’s College Junior School for an author visit and had a wonderful two days with the beautiful boys in blue blazers!

The school is magnificent and the library is one I am very envious of!

I worked with classes from Yr 3-6 and they were all a delight to work with…inquisitive, attentive and very well mannered. Little gentlemen!

I had a chance to go on a school tour with Jacqui from the library…so much history and so peaceful, even though it is in the middle of Adelaide.

The boys here are truly blessed and are reminded very often that they are, and that what they are experiencing at school is not normal and that they need to appreciate it.

Images below from the two days spent there.

Library is at the top of the stairs
A lovely welcome display
This little model train was borrowed from the National Railway Museum at Pt Adelaide
The great space that I worked in, complete with Find Your Treasure display for Book Week
Fabulous brand new door sign…just put up on Tuesday!
Testing out a prosthetic on a willing model. Linking to One Step at a Time.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Boys in Blue Blazers

  1. Wow Jane, great experience! Maybe a submission for a new building next budget…

  2. It was indeed an amazing experience…and yes a budget submission that may cost the next 100 years’ budget!!

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