Bhuj, Babas, Bellmakers and Border Police

We had a great time in Bhuj staying at the gorgeous Mr Jethi’s hotel.

Took a tour out to the local villages by way of an old abandoned monastery at Than. This was inhabited by one lonely baba who was the chapatti captain. Many small temples and shrines were scattered over the property. Bats hung from the ceilings and the walls were covered in old faded murals.

We then continued on to a village where we watched a bellmaker fashion a metal bell for a cow to wear. Stopped for a chai at a chai hotel and hung out with the old guys from the village.

Got close to the Pakistan border and had to show passports and get a permit to go any further but one friendly border policeman insisted on having his photo with Mia at the border post.

Saw lots of beautiful mirror work and embroidery in the villages.

Friendly chai hotelier!
Mia and the friendly Border Police.
Baba from Than monastery.
Village girl in doorway of house, Kutch.

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