The Little Rann of Kutch

We recently spent three nights with the famed photographer and wildlife expert, Devjibhai Damecha, in the Little Rann of Kutch. This is where the last herds of wild asses live. The Little Rann is now a sanctuary for the wild ass so that they can breed.

It is also home to the Agarias, the salt farmers, who live an isoltaed and extreme life out on the salt pans, harvesting the salt for a living.

When the monsoon rains fill the Rann, the birdlife returns. The flamingoes arrive to breed and we were lucky enough to see a very small flock of flamingoes while there.

We had chai with an Agaria family. The water was boiled over a tiny fire as they have to collect all their wood from far afield.

The school was in the middle of nowhere and was simply an empty building. At

Safari hut

the time, there was no teacher and  so the kids weren’t going to school. They were waiting for an NGO to organise a teacher.







Wild ass. Aren't they beautiful.







Family od Agarias.








Devjibhai himself, the grand old man of the Rann.







School. No more complaints please.

4 thoughts on “The Little Rann of Kutch

  1. Hi Jane,
    I loved reading your blog. The asses are beautiful. Are they tame? You had some incredible experiences and have met some amazing people. Enjoy the remainder of your trip. Christmas in the Himalayas sounds fantastic! We miss you. Take care.

  2. Hi Kaye, great to hear from you. The asses are wild, but wouldn’t it be great to have one in your back yard, they are so pretty. We are in Mandvi now which is on the beach and it is great to see an Indian beach. There are camels, horses, ponies and cows on the beach. They make huge wooden boats here for Arab merchants. Enjoy the rest of the term. Love Jane

  3. Hi Jane,Ian and Mia,
    What a fabulous collection of writings and photos you have here! I’ve just revelled in catching up on your travels. I think my favourite photo is the one with the group of camels led by the women (and with baby goats nestled within!) coming down the road – stunning – but there are also many other great shots that make your written descriptions so intensely rich. Loved the conversations with Dil (I think that was his name). Keep having a great time! I can highly recommend the Himalayas of course! xxx Anna

  4. Hi Anna, Good to hear from you via the blog. In Mundra now, working at the school for 2 weeks. All is well and Mia is travelling very well. I am hoping to put more photos on to latest blog tonight as internet is quick.Cheers, Jane

    On Tue 22/11/11 6:56 PM , “”

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