Dogs, Doorways and Devotions

While in Ahmedabad we went on a heritage walking tour of the old city. This took us through narrow streets and laneways with secret escape routes and bird feeding stations. It was fascinating.

We started at a Hindu shrine and ended at the Mosque. There was so much to look at that we kept lagging behind and within seconds the rest of the group had disappeared from us.

Some of the old havelis are being restored but most of the buildings are slowly decaying and falling apart.



Wouldn't you love one of these!

2 thoughts on “Dogs, Doorways and Devotions

  1. love reading about your journey, sounds like you are having an amazing time. Do you have a mailing address a can send a xmas card to? Jo

  2. Look at that post again soon as I have some cute photos to put up when we get somewhere where the internet is a bit faster fro downloading photos. Went out to an old monastery here yesterday which was brilliant. We could have looked around all day.Xmas on the move…maybe Himalayas!! Might have to  buy some warm clothing. Cheers, Jane

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