Ships and Ships of the Desert

Travelled from Bhuj to the port town of Mandvi where huge wooden ships are built for Arab merchants and camels give rides on the beach.

We had a room at the Seaview Hotel and guess what?? That’s right. To see the sea you had to stand on a chair from the roof  and use your imagination. HOWEVER it was a corner room with windows on both sides which looked right out over the river and to the huge ships being built. It was a very busy corner in town and we spent many hours just looking out of the window in both directions watching the world go by.From sunrise to sunset it was go, go, go.

Six donkeys every morning headed off around the corner and later returned loaded up with bags of sand.

Decorated camels, reminiscent of Pushkar, headed to the beach in the mornings and returned after sunset.

Buses loaded with Indian tourists emptied and filled hourly.

And of course mama dogs and their puppies were everywhere. Mia and I had great fun watching one mama dog with eleven pups. Poor old mama tried to get away from them for a bit of peace and quiet but they were persistent and kept following her not giving her a minute’s peace.

This one is for dad...Sunrise on one of the mighty ships of Mandvi.
How's this for an artistic shot??
Ship of the desert.


4 thoughts on “Ships and Ships of the Desert

  1. Hello JanaJolly
    I’m a little artist from Taiwan, Ian Lin
    I really like the photo that you take in this article-The mighty ships of Mandvi.
    It will be my honor if you can allow me to use this photo as my painting.
    When I finish, I will send the photo of my painting to share with you.
    Hope you will allow me to use it. Fingers crossed!

    Thank you, Ian Lin

  2. Hi Ian Lin please use the photo for a painting and I would love to see the painting when finished. Good luck with it!

  3. Hi!
    Jane Jolly,

    I’m Ian Lin, and I would like to inform you that I’ve already sent the file of my finished work to

    Thanks for permitting me to use your pictures as my source of creation.

    Ian Lin

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