Bombay! Mumbai! Call It What You Like…It’s a Blowout!

So here we are in Bombay or Mumbai, as it is now known, along with 150 million others! It took 2 hours by taxi from the railway station to our hotel in Colaba. We had never planned on coming here; thought we might fly south and bypass it…however… here we are.

The hotel we are at is great. It is in a very quiet street not far from Colaba Causeway and only 5 minutes from the waterfront. We have discovered some great little eateries and it is rather nice having a choice of what to eat again. I have rediscovered cold coffees!

There are market stalls lining the roads everywhere here and it is full on in the evenings. This is a shopper’s paradise. You can get anything you want here at any price tag from 20 rupees to 20000 rupees and more!

Today we caught the ferry to Elephanta Island to see the ancient cave carvings. A very aggressive monkey stole my cold Limca drink and then snarled at me which gave us the heebie-jeebies.He even undid the screw lid and drank what was left in the bottle.

Tonight we went for a horse ride in one of the very highly decorated horse carts here called Victorias.It had the works, including flashing party lights.

Tomorrow we have an early start to go to the dhobi ghats to see the washing being done. We  usually have our own dhobi ghats in the bathroom !

Our digs in Colaba.We are two storeys up on the left, with the balcony.
Earrings anyone?


Morning cuppa while we watch the world go by in Oliver St.
Entrance to the main cave at Elephanta Island. Can you spot Ian and Mia?
Fishing boats heading out through a very polluted sea and sky.

8 thoughts on “Bombay! Mumbai! Call It What You Like…It’s a Blowout!

  1. Spending time reading your blog while at airport waiting fro gregs plane to land… Thinking of buying a ticket to India!

  2. When Nick saw the picture with the caption ‘Can you spot Ian & Mia’ at the entrance to Elephanta Island’ Nick’s response was… ‘Yeah I can pick dad by the way he’s sitting’. Apparently it’s the Woods way, although I’m not sure that’s what you were getting at!

  3. Maddie and Bella Garwood come on down, wouldn’t the girls just love that earing shopping!!!

  4. After reading you e-mail I reckon you should catch the next plane here!!!

    On Sun 04/12/11 2:06 PM , “”

  5. Yep, and the older Nick gets the more he looks and acts like Ian. Scarey or as Dame Edna would say, “Spooky”>

  6. Yep, and that was just one of the panels here. there are thousands. You could go earring shopping for a week, a month, a year and still not see them all. Which ones do you like and I’ll get you a pair?

    On Sun 04/12/11 4:14 PM , “”

  7. Hi Jane, finally worked out how to find your blog, some people are hopeless aren’t they, and it sounds like you are having a fantastic time. I’ve loved reading all about it. Keep up the good work, cheers sue

  8. Hi Sue, great to see that your computer skills are still improving! We have one more day here in Mumbai/Bombay before going down south to Goa and then Kerala.Time is quickly running out for this trip and there are still places we want to see. You must be counting down the days now til the end of the year. Don’t wish your life away!!!

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