This is Mumbai!

Black taxis…crows…coffee shops…markets…hazy sky…crows…temples…signs…trolleys…trains…horses…black taxis…hagglers…mansions…slums…rich…destitute…Chowpatty Beach…gardens…horns…sarees…beautiful girls…earrings…pashminas…beggars…circus kids…crowds…black taxis…chicken byriani…uttapum…chai…green banana shops

Had a full on day yesterday with a morning taxi tour of all the tourist hot spots…Dhobi Ghats, Hanging Gardens, Jain temple, Chowpatty Beach,Tower of Silence,etc etc.

Then caught a local train out to Bandra to meet an Australian friend who we met while in Little Rann of Kutch. Went for a walk to Mount Mary Church on the hill and then along the foreshore to the Fort.

Witnessed a traditional Indian wedding, or just one part of a wedding. The groom arrived in a car highly decorated with fresh flowers and ribbons and was placed on a white horse, also highly decorated, and then with much trumpeting and fanfare was moved up  the road to another location.

Walked through the back streets and saw the Portugese influence in the housing. Lots of the old mansions are crumbling and falling down around the owners. Many then get bought, knocked down and huge high-rise apartments built. Same old story the world over. And of course being a Catholic area there were many  Portugese-style churches, and nooks and crannies with crosses with Jesus on them. A bit of a change from all the Hindu shrines we have been seeing.

Mia thought the scene below was hysterical. Pigs, crows and then chickens on the beach! Later on a rooster even strutted his stuff .

Tomorrow we are off to Goa for a few days before flying to Kerala.

Pigs, crows and chickens on the beach at Bandra.
I reckon the puncture wallah would get a lot of work in India!
Can you see the baby? Fast asleep on Chowpatty Beach.
This guru's face is all over Mumbai at the moment. Wouldn't mind meeting him!
If you have laundry done in Mumbai it is probably done here at the Dhodi Ghats.

8 thoughts on “This is Mumbai!

  1. Hi Jane, you sure are getting around girl! Its amazing that Mia and Ian are coping allright so far. Well if you have survived Mumbai and Delhi, you can survive most of India. Hopefully you would have learned to have faith in as many gods as possible,irrespective of religion and caste 🙂 . Thats why its a secular country, need the blessings of Christ and Allah and Guru Nanak and all the Hindu gods and don’t forget the Pir and Fakir’s 🙂
    Hope you do find the nice beaches of Goa , don’t go to the ones that everyone goes to and are all polluted and touristy. I remember Arambole was nice and quiet and peaceful although its been so many years, things may have changed. Check with the locals and hippie tourists, they always know the quiet and nice beaches . Good luck with your travels. Love Anamika

  2. Hi Anamika, yep, I know now why Indians have so many Gods…it’s because they need each and every one of them!! Today we went into a cafe for lunch and there were Christmas decorations hanging up! It felt really weird for two reasons:1. we haven’t thought about Christmas at all, it seems to be passing us by and 2, it seems weird after all of the Hindu shrines and temples to see Christian stuff. Looking forward to Goa. When we told an Indian girl which beach we were going to she said, “That’s the dopey beach” meaning hippies and “dope”. Also have two nights booked on a houseboat in Kerala and will also go up Munnar the hill station to cool off a bit! Good luck with all of the end of year activities. Hope you survive it and are back next year. Love, Jane

  3. Hey Jolly Woods, have a chai for me and plenty of shopping. Am enjoying the arm chair travel hope you are reveling in the real thing.
    When down at Kerela if you get a chance to go on an over night back water cruise – just do it. we went at Christmas time and the cost was exorbidant but such a memorable experience. so chilled compared to Mumbai. New years eve in Fort Cochin was pretty weird but fun- burning an effigy of a giant Father Christmas!!!

  4. Well, don’t let anyone tell you anything!
    I listened to a few people before coming here (thats why I am a few years late 🙂 )and was told Aus was racist. I never forgive myself for believing in them.I think it is what you believe in that reflects back on you.I have never found a racist person in Oz.And the ignorant ones that I found just needed education and hope its the same for you Jane.Both countries need a bit of education and that is why we are teachers 🙂
    Hope you have a great time in Kerala, it’s considered God’s own. I am a bit nostalgic after talking to you. I am back with mum and dad for a few days. In Delhi from 3rd jan to 5th and then 15th to 17th. Then back in adelaide . Wish you luck and just be safe as you would when you travel.Love Anamika

  5. Yep, we met lots of them today at the Anjuna Flea market. It would have to rate as the BEST market I have ever been to in my life. Absolutely AMAZING!

    On Tue 06/12/11 11:46 PM , “”

  6. Hey Anamika, we will be in Delhi on Jan 5th!! We MUST catch up!! Keep in touch!! Love, Jane

    On Tue 06/12/11 11:43 PM , “”

  7. Hey Tis, great to hear from you. We are in Goa at the moment at Anjuna Beach!! Will be having 2 nights on a houseboat in Kerala but not on Xmas Day! have been having lots of chais, I am addicted.

    On Tue 06/12/11 10:21 PM , “”

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