We could have died a thousand deaths..but we didn’t. We have just survived a hair-raising, white knuckle, thirteen hour ride in a 4-wheel drive through the mountains and hills from Mumbai to Goa.With a non-English speaking driver. I had my foot on the brake the whole way!

We just honked our way through those hills. Up and down switchbacks, racing through villages. God help anyone who decided to cross the road just at the moment that we were going through.They wouldn’t have stood a chance!

Anyway I have learnt from this journey. I have learnt the rules of the road in India. They go like this:

1. Pedestrians give way to bicycles.

2. Bicycles give way to rickshaws

3. Rickshaws give way to Nanos.

5. Nanos give way to sedans.

6. Sedans give way to jeeps.

7. Jeeps give way to 4-Wheel drives.

8. 4- wheel drives give way to vans.

9. Vans give way to buses.

10. Buses give way to trucks.

11. Everyone gives way to ox carts!!

12. There are no rules.

By the time we got out of the car at our hotel we couldn’t walk. BUT…we have recovered and yesterday went to the famous Anjuna Beach Flea Market which is held every Wednesday. It was the Flea Market to end all Flea Markets. Every Indian product possible on sale, as well as lots of stalls run by Westerners.

I bought a bracelet from two 10 year old French girls who live 6 months in Paris and 6 months in Goa. What a life! Also a Peruvian jeweller who lives here for 3 months of the year. He can only get a tourist permit for 3 months otherwise he would stay longer.


Groovy beach hut, Tantra, on Anjuna Beach
Peruvian jeweller at Anjuna Beach Flea Market.
Dancing cow and flute playing master.

Life-saving, Goan style on Anjuna Beach. Cool hey?


6 thoughts on “Jaisus!!

  1. So glad you all survived the trip. What an adventure!! Puts lots of things into perspective I guess. We all miss you at work and I’m sure you’re devastated to be missing out on writing reports!!! The sacrifices you have to make to be on a trip of a lifetime. Old Strath will seem pretty mundane after all this. Hope you all keep well and this blog is FANTASTIC, I feel I’m traveling with you, cheers sue

  2. Hi Sue, You techno-head you!! We are now in Kerala, the coconut capital of India. By some kind of default in a very posh hotel which doesn’t quite gel with everythingelse we’ve been doing…but…them’s the breaks. Will add photos to “Jaisus” blog tonight!Work? Hmm. A long forgotten memory! I hope you are enjoying it! Love, Jane

    On Thu 08/12/11 11:09 PM , “comment-reply@wordpress.com”

  3. Train or plane would have been a better option for Mumbai to Goa but then you do love to do things the interesting way Jane ! Hope Ian and Mia are still going strong. We had our staff party last night at the Glen Barr homestead. Quite a big gathering, the best numbers we have had so far. We missed you and are looking forward to having you back soon. Love,Anamika.

  4. Andrew said he has never seen a dancing cow before!!!
    Andy says:
    We will try to meet you and Mia in Shimla!

  5. That would be great but we have changed our plans for the hundredth time!! Are now going to spend some time at a National park where we hope to see a tiger, then up to Varanasi and Agra before hitting Delhi for the last time.

    On Sat 10/12/11 7:21 PM , “comment-reply@wordpress.com”

  6. Well, it was interesting to say the least! It was the only way to go as trains and planes were all booked. Anyway, we got to see the hills and mountains and some beautiful scenery as it whixzzed by!! Hope to catch you in Delhi. We may even try to get there a day earlier, maybe the 4th Jan. Keep in touch. Love Jane

    On Sat 10/12/11 3:53 PM , “comment-reply@wordpress.com”

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