Well, Ian was hit by the dreaded Delhi (Goan) Belly yesterday so was confined to quarters.

Meanwhile Mia and I did some cruisin’. Caught the local bus (5R ea) to the next village and went looking for Bollywood CDs for her to buy. Couldn’t see any anywhere so I finally asked one stall owner if he had any and sure as eggs, yep, he pulled some out from underneath a curtain and BINGO, Mia had her Cds.

I went for a walk through town later in the evening and met SCOTTY, the manager of Coffee Heaven. Gorgeous  guy from the north of England with a fantastic accent, who gave me the low down on Anjuna and why there are so many Russians in Goa.

Christmas has hit Goa and there are Christmas decos going up all over the place.

I love the Portugese influence here in the architecture and way of life. It’s soooooo easy living.

SCOTTY! Ya' gotta love him!
Most homes seem to have one of these shrines.
Christmas decos at local store.
Typical church in Goa, this one at Anjuna.

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