Vale John Boswell Vine, Vinesy, The Vineman.

Today, so far away here in India, we had very sad news that our beautiful friend and mate, JOHN BOSWELL VINE died at Pt. Broughton.

VINESY was the funniest, driest man on earth. Also the wickedest! He was a legend in his lifetime and will be remembered by everyone who knew him as a great, great guy.

Vinesy was never the same man after his gorgeous wife, our beautiful friend Ann, died and I think he may have died of a broken heart.

Vinesy and my dog Baggins were the best of mates and Vinesy used to take Baggins for a ride in the Council Rubbish truck all over town showing her where all the best gear was!! No-one was surprised when later ,Baggins would be caught bringing crap home from all over town.

We love you JOHN BOSWELL VINE and will miss you dearly.

One thought on “Vale John Boswell Vine, Vinesy, The Vineman.

  1. Hi Jane. I have tried to locate my old school mate, John Vine, on a number of occasions in the past. To day I Googled his name once again and came up with your post. I had lost touch with John and Ann some years ago, so it was with some sadness to discover they has both died. What did they die of and how are their children? How is his sister Elizabeth? Thanks so much for your post.

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