It’s like being in a place which is a cross between the Bahamas, Portugal and Indonesia here. We love the way the men wear their lunghis, either short or long. Very versatile. We often see men riding bikes holding umbrellas over their heads and also women using umbrellas for the sun.

The streets have names like St Benedicts and Mother Mary etc which reflects the Christianity in this region.

We had a good walk around Jew Town yesterday and saw the synagogue and went into lots of the spice shops.

At the forshore we spoke to some of the fishermen who use the Chinese Fishing Nets to make a living. They showed us the callouses on their hands from pulling the nets up.The smell of fish was very potent as we walked along the foreshore and there were many different varieties.

The streets are very clean here and we have not seen many cows wandering around.

Street scene in Jew Town, Kochi.
This was on an 18th C grave in the Dutch Cemetery!
Local fisherman
Chinese Fishing Nets, Fort Kochi, Kerala

2 thoughts on “Kochi

  1. Has Ian got a lungi yet ? It is worth a try 🙂
    You’ve done a great job with your blog, its great reading about your adventures and experiences.I always find it interesting to see how other people perceive India and feel about their Indian experiences. Its not an easy country in some ways .
    We have been remembering you everyday as we have been working hard and finishing off all the end of year stuff.
    Marg had her farewell today and Pam’s was on Tue .Tomorrow we have Sue Noack’s and then of course Year 6 graduation after that, so pretty hectic out here. Kim has been missing you too 🙂
    Keep having a great time. Love Anamika

  2. Hi Anamika, funny that you should mention the “lungi” thing as I love them, especially the way the guys can wear them long or short.I asked Ian if he was going to get one and the reply was silence. I spoke to Kim today and will phone staffroom on Friday at 3:30pm. keep in touch, love Jane

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