Dehradun and Mussoorie


On Saturday we caught the train to Dehradun and had an overnight stay. We visited the markets and went out to the Tibetan Stupa at Clement Town. We removed our shoes to look inside at the  thousands of murals. There was a code of silence within and so it was a serene experience.

On Sunday we were picked up by Neva Whiteman and we drove up the misty mountains to Mussoorie and the Woodstock School. We will be here for a week as I work with different classes.The house we are staying in, Doshisha, is built of stone on the side of the hill and looks out across to Fairy Mountain. In the mornings and evenings the mist creeps in quietly as the clouds drop and it is eerily beautiful.

On the first morning we had a visit by a troop of rhesus monkeys who raided the garbage bin.There were mothers with babies on their backs and huge males as well as an assortment of teenagers!!

Kids have been great during my classroom visits and have asked some very pertinent questions. The little ones love the Australian animal puppets.


Bad Monkey!

4 thoughts on “Dehradun and Mussoorie

  1. Hi Jo, Great to hear from you and that you are following the blog. I only put that one up about an hour ago!! We are all well and having a great time here. Off to the bazaar tomorrow for a really good look around.There is a party at our place tonight for all the Aussies here. Lots of Indian food!! Keep in touch. Love Jane On Tue 27/09/11 6:55 PM , “”

  2. This morning I sit with my Chai vicariously enjoying your story telling exploits. Looking forward to regular arm chair travel as you continue to collect and deliver stories. School hols are upon us in SA and we are off to celebrate a friends 50th at Stradbroke Island, probably mostly swimming and sharing food with friends but that’s my story for the next 10 days. Hi to Ian and Mia, am thinking of you all often, enjoy that delicious food and sensory overload. Cheers Tis

  3. Hi Tis,
    Great to hear from you. Glad you can still enjoy chai in Australia!! We are all well and happy here. Mia is handling everything very well so far. We head to Rishikesh on Monday for 3 nights.
    Great chai, great dal, great curries.Nice cool misty mountains here and are off for some sightseeing tonight.

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