Samsara School Visit


Students with "Tiddalick" puppets


Beautiful candles

Yesterday I travelled out to the Samsara School in Greater Noida for a visit with some Year 6/7 students. We were greeted by the Principal, Anuradha Chopra, and offered a cup of spicy coffee before being taken on a tour of the school. It is only one year old and has at the moment only 100 pupils up to Year 7. The school reminded me a bit of a cross between a Montessori School,(in fact they had a dedicated Montessori Room) and a Rudolph Steiner school.It had a very serene feel about it.

The hallways were filled with the most amazing displays of artwork done by the students and huge painted murals.

I was taken to the area where I would give my talk and invited to light some special candles. On the floor was a beautiful rangoli made with marigold petals and floating candles.

I spoke and read my stories and then answered lots of fascinating questions.The students were very attentive and had been chosen by their school to come because they loved writing.

I was then presented with a beautiful white scarf before having some lunch and then heading back to the Principal’s office for another chat

2 thoughts on “Samsara School Visit

  1. Hi Jane,Lovely to read of your travels,
    Julia and John

  2. Hi Auntie Julia and Uncle John,
    Great to hear from you. We are having a fab time. Hope your new house is cosy and that you have settled in well

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