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This morning I gave a ¬†Storytelling Session and talk at the DPS International School in Delhi. We were greeted by the Senior Headmistress, Ms Suman Takkru, and after a nice cool drink were taken to the auditorium where 60 Year 7 students were waiting very quietly. In fact I didn’t even know they were there until they stood up.

I used my Australian animal puppets to tell the story of Tiddalik. Then to the background of didgeridoo music I told the Aboriginal dreaming story, “The Rainbow Bird”.

I then retold “The Loaded Dog” by Henry Lawson: my own adapted version!! This was followed by one of my own stories, “Black Menace” about the killing of a black snake.

I finished off with “Thukeri” with some didgeridoo accompaniment.

I then read two stories which I had written since visiting India last year. This was followed by a question time during which many very interesting questions were asked. Later in the Principal’s Office, after lunch, I was interviewed by two students for the School magazine.

I was presented with a beautiful pure silk scarf as a thankyou from the school.

Good Listeners!

3 thoughts on “School Talk Delhi

  1. all very interesting. I look forward to your blogs after the train trip north.

  2. Hi Gra and Jeanette,
    Great to hear from you. Train trip was excellent and the hills of Mussoorie are misty and cool. A beautiful place to get away from the heat and noise of Delhi.

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