Haircut Indian Style

While in Ajmer Ian needed a haircut, or maybe he just wanted to see what a haircut Indian style was like!!

For 50R he had the most amazing half  hour session at the Baghehand Saloon, with a half time chai included. It turned out to be quite a good cut. From the back he looks like every other man in India!!

Haircut at the Baghehand Saloon.
Ready to roll.
Half time chai break!
The fluffing up process.
The massage.
The back crack.
The finished thing!!

8 thoughts on “Haircut Indian Style

  1. very cool hair cut. Wish I got a massage, chai latte and back crack all thrown in when I go to the hairdresser! By the way, have you got postal address I can send Xmas mail to you? xox Jo

  2. Hi Jo, sorry, no postal address as we are moving all thetime. May even be up in the Himalayas for Xmas. Tomorrow we head off on a bus to the beach for about 3 or 4 nights at a place called Mandvi in Gujarat. We are in Bhuj now which is a beautiful little town and have had a great time shopping here. First real big shop and will post it back to Aust before we leave so dont have to carry it around with us.

    Cheers, Jane

    On Tue 15/11/11 8:56 PM , “”

  3. Nice hair cut Ian!
    Mrs Jolly! I miss u sooooo much! Today
    for our Indian Map, I had to put your head on a
    Where’s Wally Body! u have the hat and everything!
    miss u heaps
    Love izzy <33333

  4. To Mrs Jolly,
    have fun on your adventure!Have you ridden a
    camel yet?

    From Keeley.

    (Kelley dosent have an email address)

  5. Hi Keeley, Yes I have ridden a camel out to the desert and the dunes to see the sunset and I got a VERY sore bottom.It had a blister and I couldn’t walk properly after I got off. We are having a great adventure. Every day something new. I bet the year is flying by and will soon be over, then you will be in Year ^!!!!
    Love Miss Jolly

  6. Hi Izzy, we laughed and laughed as we watched Ian have his hair cut. We are hoping his hair will grow quickly so we canwatch him have another cut later on. The face massage is very funny. Have I got a red and white striped top? I should try to buy one and have my photo taken wearing it.
    have you got your Graduation outfit yet? You are going to look gorgeous, I know!! Love Miss J

  7. Hey, I had to have a hair cut too early for my trip to India. Bummer.
    Does the back crack hurt? I was told about a neck crack that they did as well. Did you go for the whole ear clean and shave as well!

  8. Back crack was more a surprise for Ian than an injury. No it did not hurt. He said the neck crack sounded worse than what it was!! No problems. However he wasn’t prepared to risk a shave in case of a nick to the skin, or an ear clean. Are you Australian? Did you watch “Hamish and Andy Do India?” Hysterical, and Hamish had an ear clean. NOT for us. Cheers. Have a safe trip.Enjoy India. You’ll love the trains!

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