Baubles, Bells and Bangles.

Well today was the ultimate in camel watching. In the mela, the fairground, it was the judging of the Best Decorated Camel Competition. Once again, the photos speak for themselves.

Our last night in Pushkar tonight and I would recommend coming here for the Camel Fair to anyone who loves colour, adventure and of course our four-sure-footed friends!

A kiss for the winner!

4 thoughts on “Baubles, Bells and Bangles.

  1. Hi Jollys
    We have just booked our holidays to Scotland and Ireland for next May and it seems very mundane compared to the adventure that you’re having. Love the camels. Maybe I can dress monty like one of the camels. Instead of writing children’s books maybe you can write an alternative travel guide to India – it would make fascinating reading .

    Nic has finished uni and is off overseas next week – so we will be empty nesters!!

    F & J & N

  2. Wow! Scotland and Ireland. I want to live in Ireland for a year in a small coastal village with a pub!!! Where is Nic off to? Italy? Mia said immediately, “We can look after Monty when they go!!” We go by train tomorrow to Ahmedabad to meet Marina and travel with her for a while. Cheers, love Jane

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  3. Nic is off to Abu Dhabi, London, Scotland, Switzerland, Italy (business class if you don’t mind – courtesy of her auntie Teresa). I always said she was a saint! Lisa and Luke been home for two weeks, had fab time, although bit hectic trying to see as much as possible – Italy their favourite, esp Cinque Terra. Frank did an amazing job landscaping their backyard while they were away, so they were extremely happy. Thanks Mia, that is kind of you – he wants to know can he sleep on your bed? Nic finished uni lectures forever, just has to hand in her research paper before she goes. Love from us all

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