Jodhpur or Funny Horsey Riding Pants!

I went for an early morning walk around the village of Khuri this morning before leaving for Jodhpur and met a lovely old man called Bargwan Singh who invited me to share a morning chai with him. He was the first farmer to reap the benefits of the Indira Gandhi Pipeline, which brought water to the farmers in the Thar Desert.

Later we left for Jodhpur and arrived late in the day at the Heritage Kuchaman Haveli owned by an old Muslim man (and his son) who has ten daughters!

Walked down to the Clock Tower and had one of the famous Makhaniya lassis which I would have to so was the best lassi I have ever tasted.

The next day Ian and Mia did a bit of sightseeing by themselves as I was lying low with a gastro bug.

The following morning we went to the fort which is truly spectacular and is a museum now with many precious antiquities inside.I did see one man wearing a pair of jodhpurs!! He was an Indian tourist guide. Couldn’t see his horse though.

Jodhpur Fort..try storming that!!
Mr Singh I presume? Look dad, he drinks his tea from a saucer!

12 thoughts on “Jodhpur or Funny Horsey Riding Pants!

  1. Hey Mrs Jolly, It’s Bella and Izzy here! and we’re checkin out ur blog.
    We have a task to find out where you’ve been and the dates of when you’ve
    been there.
    Everybody missing u heaps …… but we’re missing u the most!!!
    luv u heaps!
    Izzy and Bella<3

  2. Hey Mrs. Jolly!!!!!!
    It’s Lauren and Monique here, hope you’ve been having a GREAT time! Just been looking around your blog! Very interesting!! Can’t wait ’till you get back!

    Monique & Lauren! <3

  3. I love reading your blog and the fact you are so bindaas the way you are taking on India. You rock girl !

  4. Hi girls,
    Great to hear from you.I have just done my latest blog.Check out the camel pics!! Awesome!! This is camel lovers heaven.Off to Ajmer tomorrow. Love Miss J

  5. Hi Lauren and Monique,
    Wow, it is just like you are right here in India. We are having the best time here in Pushkar. Livin’ the dream!!! You just can’t get too many camels. Love Miss J

  6. Hi Tiah, Good to hear from you. How’s your desk? Nice and tidy?? You would love India!! See you in 2012 Love Miss J

  7. Hi Anamika, My gorgeous Indian friend. I am telling all India about you!! We are having a ball, especially in Pushkar with the camels. I have taken a thousand photos or more. Tell me, is there a special name for the tops you had made up last time for yourself? I have bought 2 gorgeous salwar kameezes which I wear when I go to the schools. Lots of Chauhans in India.Love Janexxxxx

  8. Hi girls, I thought I just wrote a reply but I can’t find it so here goes again. Camel lovers heaven here in Pushkar and also great bazaars and markets.Check my latest blog!! Love Miss J

  9. Hi Jane,great to see that you guys are trying everything and very open to all the different Indian experiences.
    Chauhans are a clan of Rajputs ( the warrior class ,very similar to the knights of Britain ) and you are in Rajasthan which is Rajput country thats why all the different forts.
    The tops I made are called kurtas and it may help to show a picture or describe in detail to a tailor specialising in ladies clothes to make one first. Only after the first one has been altered and stitched to your liking, get other ones stitched or you may end up with lot of ill fitting tops. Better do it somewhere where you will stay a while. The material can be bought anywhere in the shops.
    Good luck. Anamika

  10. Hi Anamika,Thanks for this info.Later we will be in Mundra fro 2 weeks so I will organise it there. Now in Ajmer and tomorrow bytrain to Ahmedabad to meet my friend Marina and maybe go to Bhuj and Mandvi . Hope all is well at school! Love Jane

    On Sat 05/11/11 10:30 PM , “”

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