Pushkar Camel Fair, A Dream Come True

Great head.

Ever since I saw photos of the Pushkar Camel Fair, as a young girl, I have dreamed of coming here! And now it is a dream come true.

This is truly the most amazing experience. Camels as far as the eye can see, and then some more. There are also cattle and horses here for trading.

We stayed at the Bliss Camp for three nights and now we are at The Inn of Seventh Heaven, an old haveli on the edge of town. Just now as we look out of the window we can see langur monkeys playing on the rooftops and in the trees.

While at the Bliss Camp we walked in to the camel fair site a few times early in the morning to catch all the action. It was all happening. Smoky fires with men cooking chapattis, men sitting on their haunches smoking chillums, children bathing in the water troughs, camels being decorated, horses being washed, gypsy kids doing their trade, women collecting fire wood, deals being done. Almost too much to take in. A photographer’s paradise.

We had a ride on a camel cart around the fair and back out to the camp.Have walked the bazaars a few times. So colourful and alive.

There is something about camels. I think it is their eyes and the way they hold their head. They are so regal and stately.See for yourself!



Great turban.
What do you reckon?
How's this for a shave?
Camel decorations.

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