Midnight at the Oasis, Put Your Camels to Bed

While in Jaisalmer we went out to the village of Khuri to experience a camel safari into the dunes to watch the sunset. It was an amazing experience which left me with a very sore butt. I don’t think I could have lasted much longer. We were each on a camel, with a driver sitting behind us. Mia on Bubbles, Ian on Shiva and me on captain. The camels farted all the way out there and back which kept us in stitches of laughter.

That night there was entertainment in the way of a Rajasthani band and traditional dances, followed by an Indian meal and then community dancing, which is another word for a wild Indian party!!

Mia ready to go.
Mia and Bubbles leading the way.
Sunset in the dunes of the Thar Desert.
Way to go!!

3 thoughts on “Midnight at the Oasis, Put Your Camels to Bed

  1. wow this is cool if you go to my blog look up half the sky, read it then buy the book half the sky it’s truely amazing. You can’t just stand there and do nothing after reading it!
    PS love all the stuff you’v e written can’t wait to see what your up to next

  2. heyy miss jolly how ya been in india hope u have the time of ur life hope to see u next yr and will tell you bout GRAUDIATION kk we all miss u hps love kerri and class<3333xoxo

  3. Hi Kerri,
    I hope you have a great Transition and make a good poster and I am sure you will look stunning at graduation. Have you got your outfit yet?? Love Miss J

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