McLaren Flat Primary School

Had a lovely morning this morning at McLaren Flat Primary School in Patty Payne’s Yr 1/2 class reading and discussing Tea and Sugar Christmas and One Step at a Time.

The class were very knowledgable on both books and it was wonderful to be able to answer their questions and to listen to their stories about train trips and a future excursion they will be going on to Old Tailem Town.

I shared with them a wrapped present which was the same as Kathleen received from Father Christmas in Tea and Sugar Christmas and we looked at an old set of measuring scales, a packet of Bushells tea leaves and an old Arnotts biscuit tin. Those were the days!

A beautiful country school in a gorgeous autumnal town.

Thanks for the invitation!

Attentive Yr 1/2 class!
Attentive Yr 1/2 class!

2 thoughts on “McLaren Flat Primary School

  1. We had a great time when Jane came to visit us! We loved listening to her read her own books. Jane showed us how they used to weigh things on the Tea and Sugar train (we thought it was a bit funny that the things we chose to weigh all were 8!) and what some old containers looked like. We are going to have a look in Old Tailem Town for those things she showed us. It was fun looking for the clues to find out which book Kathleen got from Father Christmas. We have asked Patty to read Kathleen’s book to us. We really liked Luk and Mali and thought that were both really brave. We have done some paintings about Jane’s visit and the stories. Thanks Jane…such good fun!

  2. Looks like I’ll have to come back soon and have a look at your paintings. I bet they are beautiful!Have fun at Tailem Town!

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