“Moving” Clouds

"Moving" clouds

Last night we went by taxi with Neva and Immu to the Charka, a viewing spot where on a good day you can see the Himalayas. Normally the viewing platform is free but last night because the clouds were “moving” the woman charged us 10R each. Which is not much really!! It is also known as Lal Tibba. The view, even though cloudy, was absolutely glorious, especially knowing that just behind the clouds were the mighty Himalayas.

We then headed to Chaar Dukhaan for the famous Bun Omelette which is a fiery chilli omelette served with a soft sweet white bead bun. A seemingly strange combination but gloriously finger lickin’ good.

It was then on to The Tavern in down town Mussoorie for desserts. Banana-less banana split for Mia and waffles for Ian. I had a case of Delhi belly by then so passed on the dessert.

Ian and Mia had a tour of the tandoor kitchen while I was otherwise engaged. During the meal we were serenaded by a young Indian guy playing guitar and singing.


Bun Omelette
Menu at Chaar Dukaan

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