Old Man Turns 70!

The other day while having breakfast at Tikka Centre an old, herself, Chinese lady walked past me and laughed and pointed to Ian and said “Old man”. Of course I laughed along with her!

Yesterday Ian turned 70! And so he was quite prepared for people to give up their seat for him on the train.

He celebrated in style, going to Raffles for a few Singapore Slings then on the Blu Jaz cafe where he had a meal with his very good friends and a slice of magnificent chocolate birthday cake presented by Sally. Then heard some great live music, which was accompanied by a Japanese tap dancer!

A rendition of Happy Birthday was played and again the Japanese tap dancer went into action. Only in Singapore!

If we meet the old Chinese lady this morning, I hope Ian will laugh along with her too!

Note the new birthday shirt!

Here’s our man!

2 thoughts on “Old Man Turns 70!

  1. I paid a lot of money for that shirt! Only hope all the dye doesn’t wash out in first wash.

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