Phnom Penh Day 1

Arrived in Phnom Penh last night after two very smooth flights aboard Singapore Airline from Adelaide.

Booked into the RS11 Guesthouse, and then Sally and I proceeded to Raffles Hotel Le Royal, to the Elephant Bar to meet Julien Poulsen, organiser of Kampot Readers and Writers Festival.

A very flash hotel of course, and we figure we won’t be hanging around the likes of it very often…however the Elephant Bar is superb!!! A very colonial pub!

Met a few fellow ‘artistes’ but they were all heading off to a music gig and some cheeky little bar so we headed back to our digs for some shuteye.

This morning we breakfasted at The Shop, recommended by Julien, on a very European feast. Last one for us…we are going Cambodian from now on.

Walked down to the river and crossed over to a local island, where all of the fair fun rides were being set up for the Water Festival, which marks the end of the monsoon and the beginning of the rice harvest.

Visited a public toilet. Interesting. 500 rial for the pleasure.

Back to guesthouse by way of cafe where we dined on a mixture of banana pancakes, chips, vegetable curry and Spanish omelette! Good grief! I ate Cambodian…not sure about the others. Mia is doing really well so far. It is not too hot but quite sticky and we are doing lots of walking.

Tonight we are off to the illustrious Chinese House for the official opening of the Kampot Readers and Writers Festival, where will hear an eclectic mix of speeches, music and who knows what! Might even wear a dress!!

A few images below.


Our digs
Dodgy? Nah!
Brief history of Phnom Penh on guesthouse wall
Bamboo framed bikes…pretty cool!
Hunaman getting ready for the Water Festival down at the river front


That’s it for now folks.

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  1. Lol, the electricity wires hanging at the end, remind me of a picture Corinah sent to me from Romania…. Very similar

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