Roaming in Roma

This morning I balanced out my breakfast chocolate croissant (filled with Nutella I fear) with four prunes. Someone’s gotta do it.

Yes, I am in Roma on my way to the Bologna Book Fair. So a little sightseeing and eating and drinking along the way.

Just got back from Happy Hour at the local hotel…5 Euros for a Spritz and a plate of Italian antipasto. Not that this is an eating tour but so far I have managed to have pizza, pasta, gelato, bruschetta, arinchini, prosciutto, choc croissant, chinotto etc.


Have also had a good look around…walking nearly all day long looking at the sites, some classic and others just as we wandered and discovered.

My favourite area I think has to be the narrow streetways around Piazza Novena. The beautiful old buildings and doorways are classic postcard scenes. Have taken way too many photos considering it is only day 4 of a ten week trip.

Not really sure what this was all about, except that it was a bit of fun.

Tomorrow we head by train to Vernazza in the Cinque Terra before onwards and upwards to Bologna for the Children’s Book Fair.

This bike is not going far.
It always pays to look down so you don’t miss stuff like this. I am going to see if I can find out more…

2 thoughts on “Roaming in Roma

  1. Glad to see you are getting some much need exercise.. all that walking needs a nice spritz (aperol and prosecco I hope!)
    Why suspect rabbits,,, was the answer on the other side? Or is it Why suspect US ? Thought it might infer the U.S. (USA!) Mmm pondering…

  2. Yes we went to happy hour at a pub last night and of course Ian and I had a Spritz! Went down like a you beaut! Delicious antipasto platter to go with it. Not a bad life really. And as for the Us…is it us? or U. S. …I couldn’t tell you. That is the mystery.We are now at the Cinque Terra in Vernazza. Have discovered heaven!Only here for four nights …should have made it four weeks. Out to a seafood cafe for tea tonight.Oh well. Ciao!

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