SCBWI Winter Retreat

Yesterday I attended the annual SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) Winter Retreat held at the Coventry Library, Stirling.

We heard Ruth Starke and Greg Holfeld give a fascinating talk about their partnership in the production of the Captain Congo series and ANZAC Tale. I always love listening to how people work together on book projects and the way they bounce off each other. Ruth and Greg gave a detailed insight to the way they work together.

After a delicious and very ample lunch Mandy Graham ran a workshop on tissue paper illustrations and everyone busily got to work tearing pieces of paper to make their masterpieces. Thanks Mandy!

Lastly, and very timely for me, Danielle Clode gave a talk on How to Write Grant/ Fellowship Applications. Sally Heinrich and I are in the process of applying for an Arts SA Grant to attend the Kampot Readers’ and Writers’ Festival in Kampot in November this year. Most important instruction! Follow the instructions!

Ruth and Greg

First of a series of three
Early draft of Captain Congo
…and Pug

More roughs
Mandy doing her “thang”
Ripping and tearing!
All the creatives getting creative!

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