The World According to Dil

As we drive along in the car Dil and I have had many conversations about life and death. Dil is a Hindu, and in the car , on the dashboard, there are many images of his Gods. Every time he gets into the car he does his “puja” or prayers.

Here are some conversations we have had and some “Dilisms”

“Everyone dies. So what? Then you start your next life. It’s no problem.”

The wonderful Dil with Ian and Mia

Dil: “Why do you get up so early in the morning?’

Jane: “So I can have a nice cup of tea and read the paper.”

Dil: “You read the paper? Why?”

Jane: “So I can find out what is going on in the world.”

Dil: “And then what????”


Jane: “I’m not ready to die yet.”

Dil: “Why not?”

Jane; “Because I have plans.”

Dil: “Plans? Plans? What plans?”

Jane: “Well for a start I have more books to write.”

Dil: “So, you die, another writer is born. They write stories. Maybe their stories are better than yours, maybe not. Maybe another writer is already born. It’s no problem.”

5 thoughts on “The World According to Dil

  1. Amazingly simple! I think it is time to think differently! Starting tomorrow. See how less stressed I will be… I will let you know how I go!

  2. Yes, Kim, I think the Western world has got it all wrong. We need to look at Eastern philosophies and take some on board. However, I’m still not ready to die young!!!
    Chill out girl!

  3. simplistic outlook, but nevertheless Im with you – not ready to leave this world just yet. Great to read your blog Jo

  4. Hi Jo, It is simplistic. It was so easy for him. He thinks we are crazy…but..I gotta lotta livin’ to do yet! We are just about to leave Pushkar where we have spent 5 days amongst the camels! Absolutely brilliant. Going to catch a train on Mon to meet Marina in Ahmedabad and cruise round Gujarat with her for a while.Mia has been a great traveller and loves all the animals. Either that or a tuk-tuk ride keeps her happy when she starts to lose it. Hope all is well with you and family. I Has summer started yet? Love, Jane, Ian and Mia

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