The Golden City

So it is Diwali in Jaisalmer at the moment and firecrackers have been exploding for the last 3 hours and will probably continue all night.

We were privileged enough tonight to witness a business man doing his “puja” for Diwali. This involved a ceremony which took about an hour. Images of Gods were washed, tied with string, covered in silver leaf, offered food and then sprinkled with rice and rose petals. Incense was lit and the diyas were held in front of the images. When this was finished the Diwali lamps were placed outside the shop. He would have then gone home to do a “puja” for his house.

After watching this we then walked through some back streets to look at all of the houses with their lamps lit and placed out the front. Fireworks were going off all over the place.

Earlier today we walked to the fort and through all the alley-ways and bazaars. Amazing! Mia and I looked through an 800 year old haveli, and then we walked back through the market streets. So much colour. The Rajasthani women’s clothing is beautiful; bright and covered in sequins and mirrors.

Doing the "puja" for Diwali.
Can't beat this!
Early morning meeting with sadhu.
Jaisalmer Fort

2 thoughts on “The Golden City

  1. Wow! This is definitely going on my bucket list’ ive seen this place in many pictures and doco’s! I’m green! Please excuse errors. Texting on my phone!

  2. Hi Kim, it certainly is stunning, especially at sunrise or sunset. Lots of shopping to be done within the fort as well. We had a cold drink at a rooftop restaurant and Mia looked down to spy a dog with four new pups in a little shady nook. She was very excited about that!

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